Class 1B
imagen 3imagen 2imagen 1


Render 1

boxesIn this image, we can distinguish a pattern of boxes, of different sizes. 

Render 2

Regarding the second image, the is a very clear pattern, in which the combination of the shapes and the shadows form an image (almost of that of a leaf). Our eyes are guided through the line that divide both areas; and the we can se both balance and asymmetry.


Render 3

Using the repetition of the circles in different sizes and places we create depth, whikst the gradient of the grey stair gives us a sense of movement.


Rendering 4

Using contrast of colour and size we not only obtain asymmetry but also balance.


Rendering 5

In this image the stair rail is the center of the image. Diving the stripes that are formed by the shadows and the plain black. The is also some clear dominance of the white colour in the center around which everything else evolves.



Great looking photos, and nice compositions for renderings. They turned out a bit too dark, though... A little brighter, and they would have been near perfect :)
I tried lightning the images up a little bit, hope they look better!