Creative Kick-Start

Class 4B
Mar 19, 2017

In Class


Lecture: Learning From Examples

We will use a variety of videos of critical design projects to get you more familiar with the project requirements, both technical and aesthetic. Concretely: the examples should show you the relationship between the general concept, design of object or space, and the story you tell through video.
You can access the videos by clicking the “hand” links in the lecture PDF.

Download Lecture (890Kb .pdf)


Lecture: Storyboard Basics

Storyboards are not for films and video only: they are important visual thinking tools that have concrete application in design process and presentation. This micro-lecture will introduce you to the several most efficient techniques to illustrate your processes. The lecture is followed immediately by several storyboarding exercises.

Download lecture (3Mb .pdf)


Team Roles

In this micro-lecture you will be introduced to some of the tasks that you may need to engage with during working on this project. Each student is then asked to pick several preferred tasks, depending on their interests. Keep in mind that each project will likely require different skill set, and the tasks that each team member is responsible for will be derived from what project requires.

Download Lecture (600Kb .pdf)

Exercise: Kickstart

The purpose of this exercise is to warm-up to the project requirements and team dynamics by creating a quick design based on one of the provided design briefs. You will work in your newly formed project teams on a two-phase design process, and then present your work in class. In order to facilitate the design process, see the “Creative Lenses” pdf file for some ideas on how to quickly analyse design brief and come up with original ideas.

Download Creative Lenses (2.6 Mb .pdf)

Download Design Briefs (1.9Mb .pdf)

Homework / Assignment #1

For your first assignment, each team should prepare a short presentation that you will be giving in class. This presentation should define your design statement – what you plan to do in this class, what solutions you plan to offer and how you will do it.
After each presentation, a brief discussion will follow.
Successful and timely finishing of this assignment is extremely important for your future work in thsi class – if you fail to do this, you will start to lag behind the schedule and most likely miss other deadlines and deliver low quality final work.


Presentation Format

Each team should post to this website a presentation in .pdf format, or a sequence of .jpg images (they must be named in sequence, ie. 1.jpg, 2.jpg… and then archived together and uploaded as .zip file). Please conform to the following guidelines:

Presentation Content

After listening to your presentation, we all have to clearly understand 3 things:

Therefore, your presentation must address the following questions:

Students' Work