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Class 00
Oct 19, 2016

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Lecture: Introduction To Digital Culture

Digital Culture is a learning module comprising two subjects: Digital Image (1st semester) and Virtual Space (2nd semester). It introduces students to the broad range of digital tools and practices relevant to fields of design and architecture, with the goal of instilling a productive, playful and inquisitive relationship with technology that students can build their academic, professional and creative lives upon.

This lecture presents the course methodology and overview of the material we will cover during the first semester.

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Lecture: Creativity, Communication And Technology

This lecture introduces students to the conceptual framework of the course: a basic outline of the creative process and an importance of communication in design. These subjects will be investigated deeper throughout the semester, with concrete steps on how to apply particular steps in the concrete assignments students will do.

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Exercise: Divergent Thinking

We will warm up our creative muscle with a quick exercise in divergent thinking, which is an essential component of a productive design process.
Each student will pull from a hat an object, and will be expected to sketch, in a few minutes, as many uses for this object as possible (try to think of least 5). Catch: use of words is prohibited, only express your use scenarios through images. The exercise will be repeated several times with different objects.
Post all of your sketches on this blog by the end of the day to successfully finish this exercise.

How to do it: Forget everything what you know about the object – look at it as if you see it for the first time (imagine how it felt when you were a kid!). Focus on object properties (form, weight, material) and how you can interact with them – hold, throw, hang from it…


Task : Post Work From Class

Please make sure to post the work (exercises) you’ve done in class. For more information on how to do it, please see the tutorial on how to post to Digital Culture Club below. A few tips I’d like to point out (again) :


Main Task : Hunting Beauty

As mentioned in class, good designers never stop observing the world (and Internet) for inspiration. Every day, we should look for beauty and collect it. Since we’re working with images this semester, your first task will be to look for some beautiful images and post them here.


Important: Bring Next Time

In order to be able to follow the next session, please bring to class the following:

Cool & Useful


How To Register To Digital Culture Club
A quick guide on how to register to this website and edit your profile information.
How To Post To Digital Culture Club
This tutorial will show you the basics of creating and updating posts on this website.


Deliberate Practice: What It Is, And Why You Need It

If you are interested in psychology behind learning new skills and becoming a master of (nearly) anything, this article is a good introduction to the concept of deliberate practice.

Inspiring Links

Here’s a collection of websites that are bursting with inspiring content. There are literally hundreds of other cool websites, so don’t limit yourself only to these:






Also, several websites that offer interviews with designers and other creators, a combination of cool inspiration and useful tips:




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