Session 5A | Mar 29, 2017

Session 5A | Mar 29, 2017

Design Options

Today's session is all about divergent thinking, and creating a variety of alternatives for your design and story.

Each team will enroll in several exercises that have the goal to take the design brief (that each team expressed in previous class) and make it more concrete, by quickly creating a range of different design options in form of sketches, models and storyboards.
As with any design process, divergent thinking is a great way to open up and test different creative possibilities without the risk to “paint ourselves in the corner” by deciding to go with one final idea right away (which may prove to be good in the beginning but unproductive in a long run).

It is very recommended for each team to follow the comments I made on their presentation from the last class, in order to have a productive session.

By the end of this session, each team should have developed different design and story options, and upload them to this website, along with all the work-in-progress sketches.

Students' Work

Design Options
5A Design Options
New Ideas
Design brief
Session 4C (Jason, Monica, Smit)