Class 2A
Nov 14, 2016

In Class

HdM Stadium Aug07 3030B
National Olympic Stadium in Beijing, a photo by Iwan Baan

Lecture: Stories In Architecture

Storytelling in architecture presents a way to reframe the design bried as a real-life scenario that the project is intended to enable. This lecture starts our “Content” chapter by introducing the ways the stories can both help us design better architecture, but also “sell” our work.

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A quick photomontage using the

Tech Demo: Image Compositing Basics

This workflow-based tutorial shows how to insert and manipulate content from other images. It introduces concepts of layers, layer transformations, layer mask as well as some very basic matte painting. For details, please see the tutorial below:

Inserting Content Into Images
Most typical intervention on our renderings is adding content such as plants and people. Here's how to do it like a pro!

THE OLD WOMAN by Daniil Kharms direction, set design, lighting concept Robert Wilson with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe adapted byDarryl Pinckney music Hal Willner costumes Jacques Reynaud associate set design Annick Lavallee-Benny light design AJ Weissbard A Baryshnikov Productions, Change Performing Arts and The Watermill Center project. Commissioned and co-produced by Manchester International Festival, Spoleto Festival dei 2Mondi/CRT Centro Ricerche Teatrali, Theatre de la Ville-Paris/Festival dÀutomne a Paris and DeSingel Antwerp.

Lecture: Architecture In Stories

Architects can learn a lot from designers who work on film, TV and theater sets and video game environments. This lecture shows the best practices in set design, and these can transfer to skills valuable in “real” architectural design and presentation.

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Homework / Assignment

Our 2nd assignment will be a more complex project that students will be working on during sessions 2A, 2B and 2C. Each session will present a phase of work on a project, and therefore it is very important that students perform both in-class exercises and the homework.

Assignment Description

For their 2nd project assignment, you will pick a moment from their favorite non-visual medium (literature, poetry, music) and create an image to visualize that moment.

Think of the image you are making as a still from a movie (based on a book from your selection), or a still from a music video (for a song you’ve chosen).

Assignment Workflow

This is more or less how the work on this assignment will unfold:

You will work on this project over the next two weeks, and we will go through several stages. For now, focus on the first stage, which is the homework for this session.

Homework For This Session

Please make sure that you finish this work and post the results before session 2B:

To summarize, you should post the following.

Title of the Selected Work Of Art


A summary of the moment you’ve chosen, written in your own words. It should be a paragraph or two. Keep it short.

A quote. Below the summary, you can also post a quote from actual work if helpful.

Students' Work