Session 4C | Mar 25, 2017

Session 4C | Mar 25, 2017

Design Brief

Today's session will be dedicated to finalizing the design briefs. Each team will give a short presentation of their design brief and a plan of action, and they will be discussed in class.

In Class

Good design brief is an indispensable first step towards a successful project. It should formulate the problem designers are solving (or pointing to, or inventing!) in such way that it captures the essence of designers intention and -more than anything else- provides a clear path to advance the project.


What makes a good design brief?

Good design brief will make you interested and curious.
Our best work occurs when we are intrinsically interested in the subject we work on, and in curious seeing results in our work. That does not only mean generic interest such as
“I am interested in augmenting our bodies.”,
but instead a more result-oriented interest such as
“I am really curious to see what sort of new body parts I will design by the end of this class.”
Result-oriented curiosity shifts the thinking from generic ideas into concrete, actionable steps. Actionable is the key word here: no idea is good if you don’t know what to do next about it.

Good design brief will focus on something that you can actually make.
Again, a design brief is a statement of what you are planning to create (as a team) in this class. Best way to check a design brief you come up with:
Are you able to sketch something related to that design brief in 5 minutes?
If you can’t come up with a sketch that address your design brief (in any meaningful way) in 5 minutes, that most likely means that the design brief is too generic and not actionable.
“Sketching” here means a real visual sketch of an object or a space – not some schematics or words.


This session will not have a homework.

Instead, students should post here the design brief presentations.
Please follow the instructions on post 4B on how to prepare presentation, with technical specifications.



Students' Work

Design Brief
Leana & Salah
Leana, Salah
Design Brief
Projecting Beauty