Class 2C
Nov 28, 2015

About This Session

Focus of this session is working on your 3D models to create (at least) one image of your project (which is still work in progress), and this is what most of the time is dedicated for, following a brief summary presentation of some of the techniques I introduced in tutorials.

In-Class Exercise

Produce one striking image of the most important feature of your project. This image should combine the architecture with the props/entourage (people, vegetation, other objects…) to tell a story about your design. You can (and should) use photos of your project’s environment. While working on the image, please always remember the following:

Technical Details


Here are in one place all resources you may need for this task, and visualization work in general. So bookmark this page, as you will be needing this info often in future!


Rules Of Visual Composition
This is the quick version, the cheat sheet. Never forget about this one, whatever you do!

2A: Stories
A bit of theory (an important bit, really!): Why stories are important in architectural images, and what makes a good image?

2B: Workflow
Practical lecture on how to organize an efficient workflow and avoid wasting time.

Great Websites To Learn From

You really want to be checking these sites regularly for latest and best-est info on architectural visualization.

Ronan Bekerman: Workflows
This website is a fantastic collection of useful info on visualization, but the best part is its Workflow section. There, you can learn a lot directly from the best professionals in the field, while they present you how they worked on concrete projects!
You also want to check very inspiring “Challenges” section.

CG Architect: Making Of
Another great website that’s been around for over 15 years (and actually helped jump start my careers just after I graduated). The Making Of section is my favorite, but you should check more great content inside of the “Features” section of the website, including tutorials, interviews, and CG Awards – which are considered the most important yearly awards in the architectural visualization industry.

Visualizing Architecture
A nice little website, with a lot of useful tutorials on how to create different styles and effects.
Especially take a look at this page, with a lot of super useful Photoshop tutorials!

Great Websites To Get Images And Textures From

Immediate Entourage : Cut-out images for Photoshop.

GoboTree : Cut-out images for Photoshop (see Categories button on the top of the page)

Skalgubbar : Not so many images, but great quality cut outs.

Mr. Cutout : Lots of images, free registration – but watch out, there is a daily 2.5Mb limit on downloads! : Probably the biggest collection of textures (to use with Rhino)

SW Texture : Another quality site for textures

Render Textures : Very nicely designed and organized website, good quality textures.

:)Ok, so now let’s get to work!

Students' Work