Class 3D
Apr 10, 2016

About This Session

This is a hands-on session where students get to materialize their ideas by making rough prototypes of them. Based on the prototype, each students will test the strenghts and weaknesses of their idea by showing prototype to ther people and getting their feedback. Through working on their prototype, each student will explore the form of the object they are making, as well as potential ways to recreate the object digitally (in Rhino) and physically (by combination of digital fabrication and manual work).


For the next session, students should do the following.
All material that you need to post, do it in the same blog post.

Please note that failing to post this before the next class will result in failed prototype task.

Finish Your Prototype (And Bring To Class)

In case you didn’t have time to finish the prototype (or you wanted to elaborate more, or create different options), you have until next class to do it.

Test The Prototype

Now that you have a physical representation of your idea, you should show it to people and ask for their feedback. Write down the feedback below the prototype photos. Also, ideally, take photos of people using your prototype and post these too.

Rhino Tutorial: Modeling From Photos

Check the tutorial posted below, especially its first steps to get an idea of how you will go about making the digital model based on your prototypes and sketches:


Rhino: Modeling From Photos
In this tutorial you will learn how to create 3D models in Rhino based on reference photos of objects or your paper sketches.

Students' Work