The Power Of Graphic Design

Class 1B
Nov 11, 2015

About This Session

Graphic design is a discipline that transmits messages through combination of visual elements (image or space) and meaning (symbols and text). As a future architect, 
graphic design will be 
your primary mean of communication.
You will likely use it daily to transmit your idea to others (collaborators, clients) or to yourself (by clearing out the concepts and idea through sketches and diagrams).

Download Lecture

Lecture slides in PDF format:

Download the lecture as PDF (24Mb).

Videos used in the lecture:

Download videos (230Mb)

Vignelli Canon (4Mb)
Very recommended reading: A 50-page booklet that has a razor-sharp concise description of creative process and the role of designer, in any field of design.

In-Class Exercise

Task: Create An Exhibition Poster

As a warm up for the larger project that will start as an In-Class Activity #2, students are required to create one poster using Adobe Illustrator. Please note that following rules:

Examples of exhibition posters

:)Take these examples just as a guidance, do not copy them task2-examples

BIG Project Announcement

As your big class assignment, you will work on the poster for the following design competition:

At this point, you will only be introduced to the task, and given the homework for the next session, where we will talk about this project in greater detail.


For homework, you will be required to start thinking about your project assignment announced today, and  submit at least 3 sketches of their project. Sketches should be made by hand, take photo of them and upload to the same post you used for “exhibition poster”.
Please make sure that you post each of the sketch on a different day, so you can get a feedback on time.
Details about this task will be discussed in class.


All Illustrator tutorials you worked on for Session 1A will come very useful, especially these:

Illustrator #3: Editing Shapes
Learn a wide range of techniques to to draw and edit shapes.
Illustrator #4: Combine Shapes
This short tutorial will show you how to create more complex geometric shapes combining two or more shapes into one by adding, subtracting or overlapping them.

There are additional two tutorials that will come in handy:

Illustrator #5: Organize Your Drawings
Illustrator files may become very complex so organizing your objects into shapes and groups is an essential part of an efficient workflow.
Illustrator #8: Using Photos
Although Illustrator is basically a vector drawing program, it can also handle the raster images such as photos, primarily to combine them with vector elements.

Students' Work