Vector Fun

Class 1A
Nov 04, 2015

About This Session

Lecture: Color Theory

While color theory is a very complex subject and a science in itself, this lecture will give you a very practical guide through most important concepts when working with color in visual arts.

Download Lecture

Practical Introduction To Color Theory.
Click here to download the lecture (8Mb PDF).

In-Class Exercise

After using found objects to create visual compositions on given keywords, you will now start working in Adobe Illustrator to do similar tasks. During this session, you will create quick abstract sketches from various non-visual and visual stimuli; different exercises are designed to stimulate different parts of your creative mind, as will be discussed in class. This will all prepare you for the big project coming ahead next week.
You are required to post the work you’ve done in class on this blog, during the class session.

Please download the file to use in your class exercise:

Click here to download.

This file contains:

Homework: Tutorials

If you didn’t do it already, please makes sure to finish the following tutorials from the last session:

Illustrator #3: Editing Shapes
Learn a wide range of techniques to to draw and edit shapes.
Illustrator #4: Combine Shapes
This short tutorial will show you how to create more complex geometric shapes combining two or more shapes into one by adding, subtracting or overlapping them.

These two tutorials are practical guides on using color in Adobe Illustrator, and now it’s a good moment to get yourself acquainted with these workflows:

Illustrator #6: Using Color Palettes
This tutorial will show you how to choose color palettes for your designs, and how to export them to use with other documents
Illustrator #7: Stealing Colors Using Eyedropper Tool
In this tutorial you will learn how to manipulate colors using Eyedropper Tool in order to copy colors from one object to another or 'steal' color palettes from existing artwork.

Homework: Recommended Videos

I recommend you take a look at these inspiring short videos as introduction to graphic design (this is not mandatory but it will get you in the mood for the next class):

The Universal Arts Of Graphic Design

Though often overlooked, Graphic Design surrounds us: it is the signs we read, the products we buy, and the rooms we inhabit. Graphic designers find beauty within limitations, working towards the ultimate goal of visually communicating a message, be it the packaging of a product, the spirit of a book, or the narrative of a building.

Artist Series: James Victore

“… the socio-political stuff, the cultural stuff, THAT is what graphic design is for when it’s used at its best; not for selling socks.”

Raw style and raw power of Victore’s work that criticise and comment on socio-political issues.
Disclaimer: Video contains offensive words and imagery

Artist Series: Stefan Sagmeister

One and only Stefan Sagmeister talking about the process of design.
“I always try to go in a direction where the final piece would incorporate the process visibly”.

Michael Beirut On Massimo Vignelli

Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, how the internet has changed the way we do design work in the 20th century and what makes a logo endure.

Students' Work