Session 3C | Apr 09, 2016

Session 3C | Apr 09, 2016


Paula, Mikhail, Ujal, Anita




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2 responses to “brainstorming”

  1. Neko says:

    Nice start! Looking forward to see what comes out of it. See my yesterday’s email for help on how to go about things, and what you should have finished for the next class. If you post final ideas here, I can give you detailed feedback!

  2. Neko says:

    I love the breadth of ideas you considered here. Some of them may be difficult to continue with in class though, due to their form/material – such as the sock magnet or pocket.

    The magnetic wall/plug is a very interesting concept, although also misses the topic formally (no form to work with whatsoever), but you can try to transform the concept into something else (some fancy plug that hides the chords, for example? I mean I don’t mind so many plugs as I do having the chords spread out all over the floor).

    Of the can/bottle idea, there are several ways it can be developed. I also liked the “attachment” to a can options. You see, from my other comments, that I am pretty much a fan of making new things that attach to others. I am not sure how one keeps the soft drinks fizzy after once opened, but if you can solve that I’ll be your customer. But please note you may not necessarily need to -solve the problem- technically, it’s enough if you make an object that -through its form- makes us think about something critically (or with humor).

    Also the idea of shoe cap is interesting. It may make sense to think of how exactly it’s being used (is it for indoor use?). Again, this is an object that can have a very interesting form, and it has great possibilities to tell stories (ie. imagine a house party where everyone wears these).

    Very nice work, we’ll see today in class how these can be developed!

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