Session 00 | Oct 24, 2016

Session 00 | Oct 24, 2016


Sandra Garcia

Class Work


Our first class assignment was to draw a tree in a few seconds, for this I choose Photoshop. As I tend to prefer, I leaned towards a more minimalist yet abstract representation, because it is not only simple to understand but also effective for a fast drawing, in which a realistic representation would have been messy.

 tree class work


As for the second activity of the class, I had to draw and represent different activities for which I could use my object. In this case, a flower.




Borrowed Wings


What first caught my attention, was the way the photographer played with perspective to give two very different meanings to one simple picture. The use of the dark tones gives it a melancholic feeling that adds to the hunched posture of the girl. However, the shadow stands tall and creates a sense of depth in the picture, and a sharp contrast against the lighter color of the ground. So we can see both weakness and aggression in one picture among other meanings such as hope.


Simply Colors

Simply Colors

Colors, few of them but displayed in such a manner that the effect is almost overwhelming. The viewer’s eye is directed straight towards the kneeling figure, she is the bulls eye of the picture, the center, she gives it stability and contrast. The sharp red is enhanced by the turquoise in the background, which gives a calmer and smoother feeling, together with the yellow, that although it might seem like a secondary aspect of the picture it is indispensable, and one without which the image would loose height and warmth.

As for the small dark piece of clothing in the center of the image, it helps bring forth the background, it solidifies it, because without it the image would be floating in a background of blue and this helps to ground it.



taj majal

This striking image, first caught my eye with the sharp contrast between the dark and light, which immediately draws your attention towards the object in the middle which despite its size, is a very clear dominant. The small, back figure in the middle not only ground the picture by balancing it, but also offers a striking contrast and because its facing the building it guides our eyesight towards it.


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  1. Neko says:

    Thanks, nice start! Don’t forget to please upload the work done in class last week (put it all together in one post).

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