Book Hugger

Class 4E

When reading is your passion and you enjoy spending hours holding one of your dearest friends – but the sore hands stops you from enjoying it completely – worry no more! the book hugger is here to keep a tight embrace on your friend while giving you full mobility and a free hand experience.

We all know how we want to turn and change from position because we get tired of holding the book for too long. Designed to fit on your legs, so at any position or angle the book will be safe between your legs, now laying down and reading won’t be a tiring task. Even reading on the table will be easier for you! Coming in many sizes so it fits any type of book, from your typical historical fiction to educational ones the book hugger will keep it open for you as long as you need.

What’s better than showing your love to one of your dearest friends? What’s better than not getting tired of reading your favorite book in any position you want?

Making Of Photos

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Book  Hugger Rhino Model


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