Beautifully Ugly

Class 0A

The first thing that came to my mind reading the descriptive of this topic was Dismland, tho during the brainstorming process that comes before actually writing that idea was casted aside since the initial purpose of this amusement park was to be disturbing, it didn’t acquire that status with time. If you hadn’t heard about it before I highly recommend you to click here.

Since I had the amusement park theme in my mind I then taught about Spree amusement park (Berlin) which I visited with my friends earlier this year. The site actually gives you chills and I highly recommend the experience if you want to see a unique site ( although be prepare to jump a fence and do not get caught in). In my research of images throughout the web (because obviously and following the Murphy law none of your friends will answer whatsapp when you really need pics from them) I found this image:


It’s Wonderland (well at least what remains from the project) in Beijing, China. I found wonderful the shock between the structure, that obviously reminds us of the Disneyland castle, and the emptiness of the site, just a corn field. The contrast between what it would have represented (an hermetic “world” for kids and adults) and what it actually ended up being is from my point of view something quite comical. The actual image for me is extremely beautiful, I love that ironical side of it, plus I find the structure, the way it was left, with still metallic elements on it is just gorgeous. It will remain forever a sort of under construction site, where we can see throughout the building, its inside and real structure. I believe that that is what compones its beauty. After all, doesn’t true beauty come come from within?


Wonderland = very potent example, and a very eloquent explanation! Nothing to add to that, but need to comment you on one technical aspect of this assignment. The task is to choose one topic, and post at least 5 mini stories (image/video + text description) on the chosen topic. I see you've chosen to do some extra work, as you posted on two topic already, which is great - extra work is always valued and appreciated. Just please remember than in order for extra work to be appreciated, the basic scope of work need to completed first. In this case it means that for at least one of the topics you work with, you need to have at least 5 mini stories. So, for example, 2 stories on one topic and 3 on another does not complete the basic scope of work. I'm writing this just in case I didn't explain myself in class. The reason for this set up (at least 5 examples of the same topic) was that I wanted you guys to repeatedly search for inspiration on one subject, which is a simulation of a common "real-world" professional situation.
I totally got confused with the assignment then ( I thought they were 5 stories one on each topic). Thank you so much for the feedback and the work will be properly done for tuesday.
Haha, good that we sorted this out, as 5 stories on 5 topics would be too much :) Looking forward to see what you'll do with the sleeping dog :)