Beautifully Ugly

Class 0A

Beautifully Ugly

Shengshan Island in China


The image from the Eastern part of China. Though the buildings are collapsed, the green covered the whole village, which makes it look very beautiful. Buildings become ugly if people do not take care of them. But if people leave them for a long time, they blend into the nature.

3G Art  somewhere in middle east 


This is not a real picture but 3G art. This makes me think why people left the village. Maybe it was because of the storm. Or maybe because they had to leave in different reason long time ago and the storm came. I like the dark tone of this image as it makes it more catastrophic. It is scary to see the nature destroy everything, but at the same, it is awe-inspiring.

– Abandoned Village in Japan –


These years, low fertility is a serious problem in Japan. Young people tend to work in Tokyo, and fewer people live in villages in country side. Many villages are becoming like this picture.

I feel beauty in this scenery as I still can tell how people used to live here, but the way it is blending into nature tells me that the days that the villagers spent already became a history that cannot be retained.

– Abandoned Church in Turkey –


Although the walls are full of mold and moss, I think it is more beautiful than well-maintained church. When I find something ‘beautiful’, it is something that takes time to reproduce into a painting. If it is clean wall, it is very easy to draw, but if it is mold and moss that randomly create colors, it is harder.
I prefer buildings with natural materials better than modern buildings in this sense. Natural here includes bricks and fabricated woods. If the building is with plane glass or plastic walls, it cannot be beautiful without maintenance. In Tokyo, such a metropolitan city, people always clean the walls of skyscrapers. However with natural materials, even if people do not clean them, it well blends into nature.

Abandoned City


I feel beauty in this image in a totally different reason from the images I showed above. When I feel scared, I am very attracted. This place was abandoned because of wars. Probably many terrible things happened in this place. Probably people died in this place. It is sad and horrible but that hidden emotion behind this image makes the scenery more beautiful.


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