Session 0A | Oct 26, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 26, 2015

Beautifully Ugly

Adrián Paz

Isolated places have their own beauty.

takakanonuma-atraccion t_rando08

Located in Hobara Japan, close to Fukushima, there’s a theme park built in 1973, but unfortunately it only lasted until 1999, year when it was abandoned. Besides, a creepy story around it makes this park a good place for ghost hunters.

A poor unhappy man wanted to build an amusement park, so he signed a pact with the devil, and he had to give her daughter to him, as exchange. he got the necessary money and in the opening day, his daughter disappeared. People there say that you can hear a girl’s voice some nights. Imagination or reality?

I’d love to go there, apart from these spooky thing, for me it has a charm, and history. I imagine a lot of children and teenagers having fun, laughing while riding in this huge roller coaster.


The story of our lives.


Thousands of people are afraid of growing up. Why? Are elders ugly or weak? Look at this picture. His expression, his face, his wrinkles… They might be ugly for some people, but if you watch carefully you can appreciate that these marks are history, adventures, stories to tell. Growing up is not just getting old, becoming weaker, or boring; but also making history, the story of your life.


The beauty of the nature.

Baca / Campo tornado

Nobody wants to be near to this huge nature beast,that’s a fact. As any natural disaster in this world, tornadoes cause hundreds of deaths and material damages. However, no one can deny that this phenomenon is an expression of beauty and wildness of the nature and show us the great power of our mother nature.


An amazing animal kingdom.


Nature is sometimes full of contrasts. wildness and beauty, charm and disgust, crowd and organization… In a termite colony you can find more than 3 millions of this insects. This dangerous plague can ruin your home or that wardrobe where you keep your favourite and expensive clothes and nobody wants it to appear around their neighbour. However, their organization and how each of them has it own task still amaze me.


Nature always takes back what it used to have.


Sometimes humans think they’re the most powerful creature in this world. We just change the environment however we want, bringing down everything on our way, killing animals, plants… We have the ability to transform huge areas in a short time and we guess it will last almost forever. However, we have to consider that there’s another force in our planet with much more power than us, but the difference is that it changes, or rather it takes back its belongings slowly but steadily. That’s the nature which will get back all the places we have changed when we are not there.


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  1. Neko says:

    Hi Adrián, very nice start!

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