Back to the Future

Class 4A


-> Neat Blue Pen – Ouijdane

-> Messy Blue Pen – Asmae

-> Pencil – Lee

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Task 1 : 5 More Ideas

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task 2 : Connect With My Classmates

-> posted on my classmate’s walls.

Task 3 : Expressing my Interests

-> I would like to work as a 3d Designer and model maker. Mainly focusing on a physical detailed final model.


Hi Ouijdane, it's great that you've worked on these tasks so quickly, but I would suggest if you could please think of 5 "ideas" that are more concerete and related for particular possible (or ficticious) situations in future (or alternative present). The way you framed the ideas now, they are very generic and doesn't offer you much material to be able to act upon them. Out of the 5 ideas you posted, I only see one that can possibly develop into something resembling a design brief: "being able to provide food/shelter for self and family", but even better would be to make a notion how exactly and where this may take place.
hey benji, I really like your topic and the ideas that you wrote down. I think, happiness nowadays is not only about feeling happy, it’s good for your health, your relationships, your work and our society. Happy people have more fulfilling lives, experience a deeper sense of connection to others and to nature and they consistently perform at higher levels than those who aren’t happy. Society, business, families and our planet need happy people. You are right, a steady income has a huge impact on people, if they are happy or not.
Hello neko, I am honestly a bit lost on this whole Ideas Idea. Does it have to be broad or straight to the point? Am I suppose to put it on post it or am I suppose to directly post it to the link you posted? The topic I choose and the topic my idea was posted on are completly different on how that idea would work. Can you please guide me into a direction that I should follow. Thank you
Hi Ouijdane, don't worry if things feel confusing for now, this is just a warm-up, and we'll clarify things more in class. But in general, the ideas should better be more concrete, because it's impossible to create a design brief out of very broad statements. Trying to design something for "make people happy" is as difficult design brief as is "make something". So the more concrete we can get, identifying particular life situations or kind of poeple we want to design for, the more material for creative thinking we are giving to ourselves. As for where to post the comments and ideas, I would prefer posting to the mind map, because it's much easier to follow the ideas and conversation - it's great to have it all in one place.