B I N S K E T ®

Class 4E

B I N S K E T ®

As future architects, we spend most of the time working on our desks. We usually work against the clock because of the different deadlines and we cannot afford to waste the thirty seconds walking to the bin takes in order to throw something away. When this happens, our work space becomes messy and dirty which makes working in it difficult and unpleasant. Moreover, it makes us less productive.

But we do not have to worry about problem anymore thanks to B I N S K E T ®.

B I N S K E T ® is the best solution for throwing things away without losing time! By adding a simple drawer system to a basket we get a bin with a modern and ergonomic design that will allow you to throw your old plans, model leftovers or whatever you want by just pulling it out from under your desk. Its simple yet sophisticated design will also allow you to use it for storage or anything you want. It is completely up to you!

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