Class 4E


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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This is THE product that’s going to help you save on a lot


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A soap holder that lets you use even the wasted


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We as humans like to be very clean and consider to being clean as top priority.

Soap, something that cleans everything, we are so obsessed with it that we went to an extent to create different types of soap for various things.

We end up spending a lot on these soaps, but have you wondered why they dissolve a little sooner than you thought they would? Its not because you use them so much but every time you use it there a end up wasting it by keeping it back in the container with your water dripping hands.

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So to prevent any wastage, I present to you “ ALWAYS…” a product that will collect the soap water in the container which is connect to the tap and can be reused as liquid soap.

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The logo being “…” represents “ and so on” and the name being “ALWAYS” it comes together as “ALWAYS and so on”. I think it talks a lot about the product where it helps us use the soap for a lot more days than what we expect. Everything harmonies to form:




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Rhino model:

digital image

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