Illustrator #7: Stealing Colors Using Eyedropper Tool


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Illustrator #6: Using Color Palettes
This tutorial will show you how to choose color palettes for your designs, and how to export them to use with other documents

Using Eyedropper Tool

Let’s start by creating two different shapes, and let them have different colors – both fill color and outline color – for example:


Copying Color From One Object To Another

Now do the following to copy the circle fill color and outline to rectangle:

Now the rectangle will have the same style (fill color and stroke) as a circle:


That’s it!

You use Eyedropper Tool to copy visual style from one object to another (or to many other objects at once).

A video of this endeavour:

Stealing Colors

In this part, we will import a raster image into Illustrator, pick the colors we like and create a color palette out of them.
Here’s the overview of the process:

  1. Import (PLACE) image to Illustrator.
  2. Create new color group in swatches.
  3. Pick a color we like and save it to the newly crated color group
  4. Repeat the previous step for all the colors we want to add.

And now the details of the process:

1. Import Raster Image To Illustrator

Although Illustrator is a vector-drawing program, it can also contain raster images.
We add these images either by dragging the image file from desktop to Artboard, or using Place command.

File Menu > Place  (or CONTROL+SHIFT+P; CMD+SHIFT+P on a Mac) will let you select an image file and place it on the Artboard. Here’s a quick video, please note how you can specify the image position and its print size inside of the document by dragging the mouse:

2. Create New Swatches (Colors) Group

Creating new color group is so simple, it even doesn’t require a video to illustrate the process:


3. Pick A Color And Add To Your Color Group

This is a two step process.
First we will use Eyedropper Tool to pick the color we like – it will become the current color:


Now we’ll save it to swatches.
First make sure to select the folder icon of the color group we just created, then click New Swatch button:


You will see a New Swatch pop up window opening, where you can fine-tune color if you want, before saving it.
The newly added color will now appear in the palette in your Color Group.
Note: If the new color doesn’t appear in the color group, that’s because you forgot step 1) – select color group.

And the video:

You can now repeat this process for all the colors you want to add to your palette, and then you can save it to file if you want to use it with other documents (see the previous tutorial for instructions on how to save palette).


Have fun with stealing color palettes and use them to make great work!

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Illustrator #8: Using Photos
Although Illustrator is basically a vector drawing program, it can also handle the raster images such as photos, primarily to combine them with vector elements.


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