About Digital Culture Club

Digital Culture Club is a website accompanying classes of “Digital Image” and “Virtual Space”,  two courses taught at IE Faculty of Architecture in Segovia, Spain. Classes are organized around 3-hour sessions grouped into units from “Intro” to “Finale” that you can access using the menu at the top.

The overarching goal of the curriculum is to introduce first year students to the broad range of digital tools and practices relevant to fields of design and architecture, with the goal of instilling a productive, playful and inquisitive relationship with digital technology that students can build their academic, professional and creative lives upon.
These courses are taught by Nenad Katic, architect and Associate Professor at IE.


Norma Pérez Castilla
Gonzalo Coronado Maceda
Tamami Okada
Neha Goel
Ana Corina de la Fuente
Claudia Pitti
Nuria Hernanz
Paula Lopez Vallespir
nouhaila zergane
Deveshree Sawant
Camila Harasic
Laura Martinez Moraleda
Derin Evcim
Adrián Paz
Anita De Rosa
Kanapat Chalermpanth
Mikhail Frantsuzov
Tomomi Dambara
Xuan Hoang Do
Ujal Gorchu
Aaron Hesse
aishwarya suresh
Lucía Calvo Garau
Daniel Baeta
Muhammad Amin Abdullahi
Houssame Khairane
Manuela Pelaez
Ege Alpat
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