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I like the way you annotated sketches with things such as "broken wall, sea, flower"... However the sketch is a bit chaotic since it lacks any perspective so I don't know how it all comes together. Plus I think you'll have trouble having elements of very different sizes in the image (flower will be too small in the left shot, although it may be ok size if the camera is on the floor just next to the flower, as in your second sketch).
I also dislike the position of the small objects. The flower is an important element,that's why I was trying to make it look big (give it importance by size), but given that scenario is a beach, having even a small flower far away in the sand would make it relevant since we don't find flowers in sand. Regarding perspective, I will do more sketches because I still need to decide a number of elements. Thanks for the feedback.
You know, having flower in the sand may make a good artistic statement exactly BECAUSE flowers usually don't grow in sand. So don't let reality stand in your way of expression; sometimes (often, actually) defying reality is great tool for expression. Having said that, the composition will still be challenging, although I feel you're on the right track with camera positioning low and near the flower.
Interesting new direction with the room and the beach. Conceptually feels pretty good. Technically and visually it's hard to say because lots of elements are missing, but I think you may want to try to get more things into Rhino. Having more elements in 3D, try importing some furniture models (see tutorial and links to 3D models that I posted). Also, the wall and the window would be better if they were modelled - that would give them depth. Currently the wall looks super flat, and the window looks like a poster. If it was in 3D then it would look much more credible + they would receive and cast the shadows from sun which would give another layer of coolness to the image. The Sun could come from the right and cast the diagonal shadow over the sand to the left, and the shadow could show the opening on the wall (window). Plus if you put a few chairs, a table, maybe a sofa, on the sand (in Rhino), and render all together then the furniture would also receive that shadow. So suddenly everything will start feeling like belonging to the same space, rather than just a collage of different images that you have now. Also, having that furniture would give the better feeling of space and perspective, and finally it will make it easier for you to do the composition because you could move the furniture around until it starts to feel good (it's good to have some visual elements that we can casually move around the image as we like; take advantage of it now, because often we are not able to do that). With these things I think you will be able to develop this great concept that you have. Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you have any more doubts.
I found a couple of chair models and a table that I think I could use. The only problem that I have now is that the chairs are either .3ds or .max files. I tried first importing the .3ds file to rhino but I didn't work. Then I tried exporting the .max file from 3ds Max to different formats and then importing in rhino. This time I got the object, but not the textures. I was thinking of making the scenario in 3ds Max instead of rhino. The renderings also look much cleaner. Thanks for all the advice.
I think Rhino should definitely import 3ds files. Just make sure to use Import, not "Open". At any rate, if you prefer working in 3D Max, and know how to, you are right, you can get potentially much better results. Also, don't worry about textures of imported furniture, just applying simple one color materials would work quite ok for most purposes.