Class 2B


base-image 2 IMG_0134


This image is a very rough draft for my idea, and it is not complete because I have yet to introduce the characters, the torches, and the floor. However I was having some difficulty with the shadows and the gradients. Wasn’t sure how much we had to develop our idea, so I hope this was enough for now.



I like the way you summarized the moment you are illustrating in the previous homework. I also see you have a pretty good idea about a kind of composition you're after (central perspective) as well as some doubts to which architectural form would work the best. Also don't forget the light is there a light or darkness at the end of the tunnel (I see you were thinking about all of these). Looking forward to see the next step.
Rhino + Photoshop test: nice start. Which lights did you use for the scene? I think when the rest of the textures are there (floor and walls) it will come alive. I think the textures in this case would look much better if mapped in Rhino, especially with the bump map (which will add more detail). Mapping the semi-circular texture in Photoshop (for your ceiling) is practically impossible, but in Rhino is easy (instead of Box Mapping > Cylindrial mapping). Also it might be looking better if the doors are: - On both sides (unless you want to put something else on the other side). - If they are "inside" the wall. Meaning you cut the wall where the doors are, and push the door inside. This will reveal the thickness of the wall which is important for this feeling, to feel that the walls are heavy and thick. It will also help looking better in the lighting. If you make torches (along the walls, I guess), try to first model in Rhino something, ie. a construction that will hold them to the wall. This will give more feeling of space and perspective. Then find an image of a flame on a black background and add flame image in Photoshop as "Screen" Blending Mode, copying and scaling it to where the torches are. You can even (ideally) make Point lights in Rhino, to simulate light coming from torches (play with the color and intensity of these lights). For what's at the end of the corridor, I still have no suggestions, not quite sure what you want to have there.