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What I like the most of this photo is the state of it being out of focus. The way it grabs our view´s attention on the background instead of the object at the forefront. Moreover, I want to highligth how through it, and also through colours,  an atmosphere which involves us in the beautiful city of Paris is created. It is amazing how the image is almost lost in the horizon, how the darker colours placed in the come part of the photo are blurred as the image gains depth.



Probably, the play of mixing textures and also the combination of black and white with powerful colours could represent the different fellings that a face hides. Consequently, we are made by a wide range of colours. In addition, I am amazed by the way in which the women figure still is represented just with curved shaped.

DAY 3:  “jump in and make things”

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Today I want to share these pictures. There are similar situations between both of them. Nevertheless, each one has something different and unique. Visually, not just what we want to show defines an image, but also the way in which it is taken, the details which it shows and obviously, how lights, shadows and colours work on it.

In the first photo we can see how the water is moving slowly trough calm colours. Moreover we can appreciate how light is reflected into the water and how it also creates really nice shadows.On the other hand, the last one captures the strengh of the waves through the white and different shapes.

Finally, we can apreciate how also the frame is important, as the first have a wider visual field than the second one.

DAY 4:

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This image is a clear example of depth and movement. All of its colours belong to the same tonal scale. As we can see that as the image gets deeper the colours get darker. On the other hand the women represents the movement by the way her hand is located and also how her foot overtakes her body and it is floating in the air. Futhermore the staircase guides our view to the lowest part of the photo. The handrail gives also the impression of continuity.

DAY 5:


The main element of this photo is the post, as the background is out of focus. It shows us the importance of little details. Moreover it allows us to look beyond what we can appreciate at a glance for example how, becuse of colours, we can think it is a cold evening at New York´s streets.

DAY 6:

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This photo speaks for itself. The overall impression of this image remains in colours. It is amazing how all of them get closer. Often we overlook some important details as for example how all, including the woman who is sitting, is reflected on the floor as if it was water, which I consider to be absolutely striking.


Very nice examples, and great ideas about putting gold fish to a good use. Great start, keep it like that :)
Day2: Great looking graffiti, and thoughtful comments!
Day 3: I like the comparative analysis of these two very similar photos, which are in a way very different, too. Day 4: Great observation on the effect of movement and also color qualities of the image. Day 5: Another nice example and good comments. Not important, but a curious detail: looking at the image, it actually doesn't seem to be one photo but a collage, because of one particular detail - let's see if you can see why the image looks like a collage of different photos and not just one photo :)
Firstly, thank you for your comments! this task is being really appealing for me. Relating to DAY5, it could be because the background seems to be composed by elements which are completly different between them. Moreover, the black signal seems to be part of another image as it is behind the post.