Ana Corina
Class 4C
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Here is the last piece improved:

Pieza 4 P4


Nice - are both objects close polysurfaces ready to print? Also, now that you have this, do you feel "brave" enough to try to other part, the one that goes together with the handle (an "embudo") ? :)
On the "embudo" part: these are different versions of design, right? I like how the bottom two look (the curved "embudo") but they would probably not work because the water would flow back from the curved edge. So the straight-lined versions will be the ones to go with.
Ana Corina
Hi Neko!! Yes, all of the models are ready to print. Regarding the "embudo": I have those two options, the first one didn't convice me because I though the sharp edges don't follow the lenguage I used in the rest of the objects. On my second iteration I tried to solve this problem. I understand what you tell me about the water flowing back. I will try to solve it so I can keep the second version on the embudo.