Session 4C | May 07, 2016

Session 4C | May 07, 2016

Norma Pérez Castilla
Picture Object :)Hi Neko, I have been trying hard to make my sketches better, but… Well I hope this is better more or less. At least I think the proportions of the hands are more clear. I just want both hands to be in the picture, because my object is not that big. I hope there is some improvement in m drawings. Picture object 2


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  1. Neko says:

    Thanks for posting these. I would strongly suggest you try to draw the sketches a little better, and by better I don’t mean making more realistic hands, but paying more attention to the composition of forms (and to do that, you do need to draw a believable hand – not necessarily the realistic one, but the one that has good proportions – at least bot hands shouldbe the same size!).
    Most important thing is: make sure you do your sketches on the proportion of the real final image (which is 1800x1200px, so your sketches should have 3:2 proportion). Draw the actual frame of the image, and then sketch everything inside in the real proportions.
    Thanks :)

  2. Norma Pérez Castilla says:

    Sorry Neko, It´s hard form me to make this kind of drawings, but I will try and make them better :)

    • Neko says:

      That’s ok, it gets much better with practice – but you need to keep trying :)
      To avoid having to draw realistically, you maybe want to treat the sketches as abstract compositions. Only important part is to get the size and proportion of elements alright.

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