Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017


Cecilia, Borja, Bertrand

in class

By Cecilia Lloves

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Borja C and Beltrán M



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  1. Neko says:

    Hi Cecilia, at first, please add Borja and Beltran as authors of this post, too. See my post on 4A as an explanation on how to do it (hint: below the window where you write post, there is Authors section, and you should add Borja and Beltran there).

    As for the Pipet food, I think the idea is valid, as far as critical design goes (although not quite ambitious in scope). On the design level, it would be interesting to see if this could expand in a range of products instead of just one.
    More importantly, this work lacks the story element. While your storyboard shows how the product is used and why it’s used, this is something we kinda intuitively understand ourselves even without your story – because it’s based on both the problem, and the solution/interaction we already know all too well.
    So what would be interesting is, instead of focusing the story on how the product is used (which is again, obvious) to show what cultural/emotional impact this may have. How would a dinner date look like, for example? How would an obese man act next to the very thin and fit girl he’s meeting for the first time? What would actually emotional state be – right now, being obese has certain element of social stigma, but imagine in a world where it’s so easy to be fit? This means that people would be fat/obese by their own decision, probably as a way to protest something. This weird social situations and emotional states are what the focus of your design and story should be, and the objects and spaces you design only serve as vehicles to tell those stories.
    Hope this explains a bit. :)

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