4A back to the future

Class 4A


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The topic I’m most interested that was mentioned in class is Cli-Fi. I was thinking of a post-apocalyptic scenario where human mutation due to damaged environment is a daily struggle. Off the topic, I also like sci-fi.

For the team-role, I’d be interested in model making and I have some experience in cardboard material and specialize in staircases.


Very nice activity (though often hard to read). Especially are nice the ideas that get into the details about lifestyle or often solution. I may have commented on some ideas already on the mind map I mention in the email. To continue, please write these ideas (yours only) on the mind map that I refered to in the email, and continue tasks #1 and #2 (new ideas and commenting others' ideas) on the mind map itself. Link to the mind map: https://www.mindmeister.com/866014061?t=CPebMn3hY9