Class 4A

Hi Neko!

Here are my sketches, I am going to talk today with Maxon and Elena about the way I am going to construct it, but first I want to know If you think silicon is a good material to use.

I was thinking about using silicon for the part that requaries the shape of the finger and plastic (3D printer) for the part of the cover. So in the end I would have two pieces, What do you think? (Above I will show you the other prototype)

In my sketches I am showing you the step I will follow in rhino if I do just one piece, that would be another option, but then I think using silicon won´t work.


Explanation (2 objects)

Sketches 2

Prototype (2 objects)

  1. Object
Prototype 2.4

2. Object

Prototype 2.1

1 and 2 together

Prototype 2.5 Prototype 2.2



Yes, I assume both pieces may be 3D printed, only you will make one out of silicon and the other one... well why don't you make them both of silicon - or any other material, but make them the same material? Having them both cast from silicon means you can 3D print both pieces once, then create the casts and then produce pieces for all fingers - to make it a "set". In your case, producing just a piece for one finger feels a bit incomplete.
I am a bit confused by the sketches in your first (top) image - the black thing is the 2nd piece that covers the nail, right? I assume you still have problem figuring out how to connect the two pieces?