Class 3D
Ring anti nail polish



Hmmm... Interesting. I never had this kind of problem myself, but I understand it can be annoying. What I like very much about this idea -apart from being useful- is that it follows the form of the human body (fingers, to be more accurate). It would be great if you could make a prototype for tomorrow's class so we can try it on and comment. I am a bit concerned that the object is too simple (in a way, too simple to be a challenging project assignment - easy to model, very easy to 3D print...). I usually love simplicity, but here I feel your minimalism is working a bit against you, as the object is conceptually too flat. If it was a ground-breaking world-changing new idea, I might tolerate the simplicity of the form and fact that it's not a challenging task to make. However, your idea is very good but not SO world-changingly good that I could just let you go with it, as it is. But let's see if you can have a prototype tomorrow, and we'll figure it out in person. In general, I would suggest trying to charge this object, which is currently extremely functional, with some emotional meaning, etc...


Hi Neko, I am trying to develop this idea some more so that it doesn't remain too simple.
I really like this idea because we (women) ALWAYS complain about this problem; and I think It will be something useful. Sometimes we just don't want to paint our nails because we think that we waste time since if we start doing something we will damage them right away.
With my concept, women will be able to continue working or doing what they need without losing any time.
Anyways, tomorrow I will explain you exactly how it works (since it is a bit complicated to explain in a drawing)
I am making a survey to see how many other girls consider this a good/smart solution! :)


Great to hear that! And I definitely see it's good and smart - a kind of idea people make millions from :) Looking forward to talk to you tomorrow in class about this.