Neha, Nuria, Xuan Hoang, Aishwarya
Class 3C


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Great, thanks! Interesting thinking... I think the two ideas related to showers/bath are slightly more difficult to go about. 1) A device that limits your water expenditure is a good thing to have, and I think it's something that already exists. Plus, if you take a look at my yesterday's email where I explained "What Exactly You Should Design", doing a full-electrical device is off-topic. However, there are still a lot of things and objects we can make related to bathing experience, so although the water counter alarm may not work for this class, you may want to give yourself another topic within "bathing" experience, and do something else. I am saying because this is so fertile activity to explore : bathing it's pleasurable, emotional, aesthetic... I think it's full of possibility. 2) The device that can change songs while you shower is slightly more promising than water alarm because you can get to create some water-proof casing for phone, which at least makes it a physical object. Now , if you're making a case for phone, maybe there are some other, more imaginative uses for it rather than changing songs. I am saying because this problem is already solved, or will be solver through phone's operating system very soon. Both iOS and Androd have voice controls, and I assume in future these will be more prominent, so you will be able to change music by voice only (probably it's already available!). So this is another idea that may be limiting, but has a direction that can be explored (a phone case of sorts - not necessarily for showering). 3) The reading-in-bed is a nice observation, and I'd like to have something like that. Obviously, the fact that only works on one side is limiting, but there are various ways to go about this, as you noticed. This idea can be very promising, because it has the physical and ergonomic aspect to it (especially if you put a light in it!). Some sort of attachment to furniture is a very interesting direction to explore. 4) The soap idea is also very good because it solves a very common and annoying problem, and opens possibilities for formal exploration. It can be both practical and beautiful.
Thank you Neko. I really appreciate how you notice our ideas so precisely and give a possible solution for that. We'll interview people and see how would they like if "this little invention" existed. Thank you for your feedback :)
Excellent round of interviews! I am thinking about this song-changing idea. As I told you, it may be difficult to think of it in practical terms as most certainly the non-physical interface (voice commands) would be the best solution to the problem. However, you may want to think of some interesting conceptual ways to develop this into, maybe as a comment to our dependancy on these gadgets. Also think about the common perception that many people sing in the shower. From that, I think the ideal interface to change songs would be that you simply start singing the song, and the phone recognizes the songs and plays it along. We may just patent this and we'll share the millions! But for the sake of class we need something more physical, but think about what kind of strange gadged/device you may devise that would relate to the topic of both listening to music and singing in the shower. For a reference on crazy ideas, I suggest you take a look at the work of design studio Dunne & Raby, and exhibitions they did with their students. Just remember to keep it as physical as possible. or something like that...