Session 3C | Apr 07, 2016

Session 3C | Apr 07, 2016

Kanapat, Houssame, Gauravkumar, Adrián


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  1. Neko says:

    Fun ideas! However I would strongly suggest you work more on them, especially take a look at My Criteria (on the 3C post). All ideas you have are very technological, but not very much that relates to our bodies, etc… I suggest maybe try to convert these ideas into something more more “physical” and less “electronic”. By the way, I didn’t quite understand the “inflate me” idea, nor what the G-Kit is used for.
    In fact I would really love to know more about G-Kit, seems really interesting?

  2. Neko says:

    Another important point: when you have 4 “big” ideas to share with the world and get the feedback, please sketch them a little better and explain more (no need to be on a post-it note, in fact, use bigger paper). We need to be able to understand the idea.

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