Class 3A

Career Objective

My career objective is to try to minimize (or eliminate) the environmental impacts of architecture, since nowadays it always involves some negative effects on Earth and, therefore, ourselves.

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Compromise our future, compromise our lives.

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I’ve always loved the sea and nature, so somewhere along the coastline or near it.

Work experience

Volunteer in FNPF, Nusa Penida, Indonesia               1st April 2016- 1st of May 2016

D-Lab IE School of Architecture, Segovia, Spain       1st of February 2017- 31st of June2017

WATG Studio, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA                        1st February 2018- 31st of July 2018

LMN Architects, Seattle, WA, USA                                15th January 2019- 14th of July 2019

World Architecture Festival                                           December 2019

RTA Studio, Aukland , New Zealand                          1st of February 2020- 31st of July 2020


Spanish                       *****

Catalan                        *****

English                        ****

German                      **


Rhino                           ****

Photoshop                  ****

AutoCad                      ***

Illustrator                    ***


-One room house design

-Glass House, Lina bo Bardi

-Aires Mateus Project

-DC Assignments and works



digital image sketch


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