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Cuentos de eva luna

Isabel Allende

“…así nos veo, detenidos para siempre en ese lienzo, invulnerables al deterioro de la mala memoria. Puedo recrearme largamente en esa escena, hasta sentir que entro en el espacio del cuadro y ya no soy el que observa, sino el hombre que yace junto a esa mujer. Entonces se rompe la simétrica quietud de la pintura y escucho nuestras voces muy cercanas.”

This quote / extract from the book by Isabel Allende strikes me because it describes very well the setting of the scene. It portrays a soft ambience with a peaceful atmosphere, with visuals of white and peace.



“Maybe you were the ocean while I was just a stone”

Ben Howard’s song Black Flies is about somebody, a friend, from whom he has grown apart. “That’s what I write about most of the time, the people who come in and out of our lives and the memories that you form around them.” This quote from the song interprets the meaning of two very different people. It suggests the contrast between something huge and vast such as the ocean which is compared to a small stone. This contrast in size and composition emphasisses the difference between the two people who have grown apart.


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