Session 2C | Dec 12, 2015

Session 2C | Dec 12, 2015

Norma Pérez Castilla
FullSizeRender-8Hi Neko! This is the sketch of the render I am currently working on. Attached is the first draft of my render! I would very much appreciate to have some feedback in order to improve the quality of my work.

PS- I will work on the windows, landscapes and some other details later on using Photoshop!




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  1. Neko says:

    Your sketch is cool! The rendering I can’t tell you much so far because many elements you’ll need to add in Photoshop. I would advise to raise the sun a little to have sun cast some “sunset” shadows it will show the space inside your house better. Also, don’t position Sun so that its direction is “frontal” to the house because the resulting lighting is too even (better move it a bit to the right side of your image).
    Finally, for the perspective view, use 2-Point Perspective so that your vertical lines remain vertical (it’s in Properties panel, also in most of my tutorials when I set up the view).

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