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The illusion of reality.

Reality is no more than the projection of our unconscious mind, a play in which we all are involved without having been asked for it. The world where we live is no more than an illusion of our own thoughts and feelings.

That makes me wonder, if we had the power to control our unconscious mind, would we have the power of change the reality that surrounds us? Or at least, to change the way we perceive it?


How important art is in our life?

These are the drawings that Iris, a little 5-year-old Greek girl that suffers from autism has made in the past months.  When she was diagnosed from that illness, her parents thought that the best communication way she could have would be though the development of her artistic skills, because even though the kids at her age are learning to write, she is still learning to talk.

Let’s think for a minute how important art is in our life.  It is not just the creation of something beautiful, but also the way that humans have to express their feelings and emotions, even  when the creations are abstracts and difficult to understand they still communicate something.

I personally think that the development of our artistic skills allows us to fully develop our personal potential, as it helps us to exteriorize most of the feelings that we keep for ourselves.



Are we actually the owners of our lives? Or everything that happens to us is prefixed and we are just slaves of a fate that we haven’t chosen?

As I see it, we are the only ones that can control our destiny. I do not believe in coincidence, as everything that happens is just a result of what we have previously done before… we chose our behaviours, our actions, and above all, how we react to what disturbs us.

We never think about the power that we have over our lives. Only when we are aware that the world belongs to us, great things happen. There should be nothing that stops us to live the life that we want to, to choose whatever we’d like to do, and whatever  that makes us happy, because after all, life is no more than a constant pursuit of happiness. (Or at least is should be)


Living or existing?

This image made me think about when was the last time that I enjoyed thesimple pleasures that life gives me.

When was the last time that I took a deep breath? When was the last time that I stopped and stared at the sunset? When was the last time that I felt alive? Am I living or just existing?

There is a Latin concept that Nietzsche introduces in his philosophy which is called ‘Amor Fati’. Whit this concept, Nietzsche wants to express the unconditional love to life, an unconditional love to the fate that we choose. He also introduces the idea of ‘eternal return’, which describes such a love to life, that we would like to repeat life as it has been over and over, making the same choices and mistakes, and accepting past as it was, present as it is, and future as it will be.

We should all learn how to be truly alive, how to enjoy the little things that we find in our way, we should learn to love our life, to have the guts to choose what we really want to do and accepting those things that we can’t control. To sum up, we should learn to love life as if we want it to be repeated all over again.


The power of one.

‘The power of one’ was the photograph that won the Pulizer prize in 2007, it shows a Palestinian woman defending herself against Israeli soldiers, but it represents much more.

It shows that you must defend those values in which you believe in order to keep your freedom, because no one has the right to steal it, it shows that is does not matter if you are the one defending your ideals as long as you defend them with all your soul, but above all, it shows that it useless to keep quiet while everything you love might not last for too long.



Wow, you started with possibly the most complex subject in the universe, which also happens to be one of my favorites. :)
I don't think that by controlling unconscious mind we can physically alter reality (ie. move rocks or twist spoons with our mind), but we can greatly change our perception of reality which is for me more than good enough, as it's all that really matters. There is a wealth of books that deal with these topics, but I find none better than the groundbreaking "The Happiness Hypothesis" by psychologist Jonathan Haidt. He illustrates the division between conscious/rational and unconscious/irrational mind with a metaphor of rider and an elephant, where a conscious mind is like a rider who has an illusion of control over the elephant (unconscious mind), but in fact can only go where elephant decides to go. The process of taming the elephant (our unconscious mind) for Haidt is a process of approaching our best self in terms of virtues and happiness, and he uses contemporary psychological research to test some of the ancient truths on the topic. Another great read is "Thinking, Fast and Slow" Daniel Kahneman. For more esotheric approach I suggest taking a look at some videos by Alan Watts. We'll discuss this further if you find it interesting.


oh thanks! I love this kind of subject and all of which are related with psycology. I’ll definetely check those books!


the photoghraphs are simply breathtaking !