Class 1C
Poster-UNHi Neko, this is my poster. It would be great to have some of your feedback, in case I need any last minute changes. Thanks. Poster-UN-2

Hi Neko, based on your feedback I made this poster. Hope you like it!



Ha, nice idea! Execution is also almost very good. When I say almost:
Actually just dropping ONE atomic bomb is already too late (because it will result in opposing side dropping theirs, in defense and retaliataion). So in your hourglass, there should be nothing down, and the missiles should appear stuck in the hourglass "bottleneck", with one missile dangerously "almost" dropping through the bottleneck.
Google image search "hourglass", you'll see that you need to make the bottleneck (middle part) a little thinner and more elegant.
Also, I wouldn't use the "ball" bomb, because it doesn't look "nuclear" - nuclear bombs always look like "rockets" (like the ones you made, all of them are good except for the ball.

Text - good alignment, and nice use of block text. But - I have a feeling that you stretched the text vertically, changing its proportions. Did you? Because it's a big no-no! :)
I had one idea, to maybe try to align text on both sides of the hourglass, which would make your composition very centric, with the focus of the image exactly on the hourglass bottleneck (which IS the most dramatic part of the image, where all the tension is). See how it loosely follows diagonals... Just an idea, you can also use the text below only, like you did, but then let's not deform it, and ideally use another sans-serif font instead of the one you used for "Before...". Any other thin font is ok, you can even use Lato or Raleway. Or simple helvetica will look good in combination with the "big" font you used.


ps. in my sketch, i didn't really align the text well... it should be aligned with the edges of the hourglass (like you did) - I did it quickly not paying much attention...


Yep, that's a very cool work! When you have time, please post the final image in a new post under 1D category. Thanks! :)


Thank you very much for your feedback, it was very useful! :)