Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Danielle White

new ideas:



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  1. Neko says:

    There is a bunch of ideas here (which is great) but none of them is presented in a format I asked for, so it misses the point of exercise completely (needless to say, which is bad).
    This exercise was supposed to be purely visual, done through sketches and storyboards, and in the lectures I (hopefully) explained why that is important: simply, as a designer, an image is worth even much more than a thousand words, and unlike philosophers you should be getting used to thinking through visuals (and through visuals in time to describe processes – hence the storyboard).
    There may be some good ideas there, but I will not be able to look at them before you transform them into visuals – and in that process you will already discover which ideas are good and which are bad, which was exactly the point of the exerccise.

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