Class 3A

Where I would like to work:

In a design studio, mainly in the type of architecture that challenges ecosystems and ne technologies. It would have to be a place where each project presents a different challenge and varies from style. Preferably buildings and large spaces ( I would like to avoid urban housing).

I would like to start to work in a big company where I would gain experience and practice. Then I would prefer a smaller studio, where several people work together on one project ( I enjoy sharing and comparing ideas with others) however the company would have to be small enough for my ideas to be heard.

As for my internships, I would like to travel abroad to a desgin studio, possibly London or Hong Kong.


Studied in London University of Architecture for a semester where I not only learned of team work and independence but also of the capacity to adapt.

Completed several Internships…

Worked as a mentor, where I acquired the skills of leadership, trust and responsibility.


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